Government Educrats Are Afraid of Thinkers

by Al Benson Jr.

Awhile back I read an article in the Monroe, Louisiana newspaper about homeschooling. The article surprised me in that it actually took somewhat of a positive attitude toward homeschooling. It mentioned several families in Northeast Louisiana that home schooled their children and how well the children responded to learning in the homeschooling environment.

The article noted some interesting statistics. It observed that: “According to a 2003 National Home Education Research Institute study, home schooled children are more active in the community and government as adults…Seventy one percent participate in an ongoing community service activity, compared to 37 percent of adults in the overall US population…Only about 4 percent of home school graduates surveyed consider politics and government too complicated to understand, compared to 35 percent of the total adults.” All of which means that the home schooled kids have mostly not been dumbed down like their public school counterparts. Were I a betting man (which I am not) I would be willing to bet that such figures scare the living daylights out of the public school educrats. It would appear that the growing home school population in this country has a much firmer grasp of what is going on than the population in general, which will eventually bode ill for the Establishment. The home school graduates are not afraid or uninformed about politics or government, as they seem to have, in the main, a firmer grasp of how these things really work than does the average person who got his knowledge (or lack thereof) from the public schools. That has to bother the public school educrats who would much rather have a more uninformed and docile populace that has no real concept of how government really works, or should work given the constitutional restrains that supposedly have been put upon it. What they really want is a people who will just continue to ingest whatever socialist dogma is fed to it by the “experts” who are really only expert at making sure no one really learns much of anything.

I have never forgotten the story I heard years ago about the father who asked his son what he had learned in public school the past year. The son replied to his father “I learned absolutely nothing and now we are reviewing it.”

The home schooled population does not fit well into that little box the public educrats would like to fashion for it. Neither do many youngsters that are educated in either classical Christian schools or even traditional Christian schools. The public educrats, looking ahead, may be beginning to be a little afraid of what the next generation of privately educated youngsters are learning. If the homeschooling and Christian school movements continue to grow these folks may begin to lose control of the thought processes of an increasing number of American youngsters–and really, their controlling those thought processes and channeling them in a direction acceptable to the Establishment is really what public school education is all about. The “three R’s” really have almost nothing to do with the public school experience. They are emphasized just enough to fool most parents who don’t look too deeply at all the other things going on.

The only thing the public school educrats have available to drag out in their defense is that old, hackneyed saw about the kids not being properly “socialized.” In plain English that means that home schooled and other privately-educated kids are not subject to the educrat’s propaganda machine, nor to the extreme peer pressure which that machine engenders. One homeschooling mother has noted that: “In the world you have to be able to relate to people. In school, you’re in a situation with people just your own age.”

One home schooled student mentioned in the news article, along with her classes at home, worked as a radio disc jockey. She also attended Christian music concerts and spoke to youngsters in local churches about purity and abstinence. She was able to do all this as part of her homeschooling education. You can bet this would have been totally frowned upon in public school circles, where they are busily attempting to force students to accept all manner of perverse “lifestyles” in the name of “cultural diversity.” Note the “gender liberation” movement that I mentioned in a previous article. That is a prime example of what public schools are really all about, and as Ive said before “it ain’t education.”

One local school official noted the growth of homeschooling in this area and commented that he was concerned about what the home schoolers might “miss” by not being subjected to the public school system. Supposedly he meant things like band and sports programs. Supposedly. However, in our day, many home schooled students, through homeschooling associations in their areas, countrywide, are able to take part in all manner of activities, field trips, etc. So what do they “miss” by not being in public schools–classes in sex education, death education, multi-culturalism and a plethora of other socialist programs?

Many public school officials stress their concern that home schoolers or those in Christian schools will not “think” like their students do. They will, somehow, be “different.” Looking at what the public schools today are doing, is that possibility all bad? I don’t think so. Our kids went to both Christian schools and were home schooled and through all their school years we never had a class in cross-dressing or “gender liberation” or any of this other garbage. Our kids missed all that.

However, for these education bureaucrats that want every child to fit into their socialist mold, it is indeed, bad. It means they are starting to lose total control of the educational program in this country that it is their job to control. When home schooled and Christian-schooled kids, having been differently educated and taught to think, grow up, they might become involved in government, and with different ideas about the omnipotence of government that what is taught in public schools, they might begin to work to change things. My, wouldn’t that be a disaster?

It is my prayer that the Lord will direct and use the growing home school and Christian school movements for His glory–and to change those things in government and in our culture that need changing.

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