The Next Wonderful Plan for Public Schools–“Gender Liberation”

by Al Benson Jr.

A few years back I wrote an article for about a news item that had appeared on WorldNetDaily. It concerned a public school in Des Moines, Iowa that had allowed and promoted an event they called a “gender-bender” in which all the students participated in cross-dressing. The event caused a bit of a ruckus that caused many families to finally abandon the propaganda factories that pretend to be public schools. I noted in my article comments from one mother, after her kids were safely removed from the clutches of the public school system, that as many as 200 families had filed the necessary paperwork to removed their kids from public schools in the area. How utterly parochial of them not to want the public school teaching their sons to wear dresses–what was wrong with them? Definitely out of the main stream!

Now a few years later the other shoe has finally dropped. You thought it couldn’t get any worse than students cross-dressing? Folks, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

It seems that the California Teachers Association has an agenda planned for the kids in that state that will make cross-dressing look downright tame. Attorney Robert Tyler represents both parents and students in a number of cases in California. Again, it was WorldNetDaily that has warned parents, not only in California but across the country about this–because if they make it stick in California it’s only a matter of time before it is tried elsewhere. If it is part of the public school’s agenda it is not only meant for one state but will be pushed nationwide once the first guinea-pig state has accepted it.

The California Teachers Association is one of the largest unions in California with around 325,000 members. It was started back in 1863, while Lincoln’s European shock troops were busy pillaging the Confederate States, so it has been around for awhile. And it is affiliated with–guess who–the National Education Association. That name ring any bells?

The article, which appeared on on January 2nd warned that: “A key attorney in the fight for Christian and family values in California’s trend-setting school system warns his state’s teachers union is about to begin its ‘next major push’ in the cultural battle over homosexuality in schools. ‘Gender liberation’ will likely be the new vogue term used to describe the tidal wave that is fast approaching the shores of the California public school system.” Tyler explains what “gender liberation” means: “male-female distinctions must be eliminated in order to “liberate’ children from unnecessary ‘stereotypes.’ This is not a movement seeking equal rights, but a movement seeking to obliterate our God-given distinctions between male and female.” Didn’t know doing that was the public school’s job did you? In reality, doing that kind of thing is more their job than education but parents are not supposed to realize that, otherwise they might remove their kids.

Tyler has observed that the 325,000 member California Teachers Association “has allied itself with radical homosexual activists and says he has uncovered evidence of how the CTA is pushing teachers to take the next step in ‘brainwash(ing) children into believing that gender neutrality is ideal for society.” Last October the CTA hosted its third annual Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Conference under the theme ‘Pride in Education’.”

It seems that Mr. Tyler has seen some of the literature that has been distributed to public school teachers at this conference that deals with “proper gender etiquette: in schools. Some of it reads: “One way to acknowledge the needs of all people is 6to designate restrooms as gender neutral…Each of us can decide for ourselves in which bathroom we belong.” And here’s another little gem. “Please do not assume anyone’s gender, even people you may have met in the past. A person’s external appearance may not match their internal gender identity. In other words, little Sammy might really be little Sally, or whatever.

This is but a small sample of what your kids are or will be getting in public schools. And the teachers union hasn’t neglected the state legislature either. State Senator Mark Leno from San Francisco (where else?) is the author of the newly signed SB 48, the “Fair Education Act.” This little tidbit went into effect in California on New Years Day, while everyone was fat, dumb, and preoccupied with the bowl games. It mandates that all children from kindergarten right through grade 12, in all instruction, “be taught to admire the role and contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans.” The WorldNetDaily article notes “Furthermore, they claim, parents will neither be notified of the teaching requirements nor allowed to opt their children out of such indoctrination.” In other words your kids will be subjected to this garbage whether you want them to or not–no exceptions. You parents get no say in the matter. Where do you think your kids will be after twelves years of this kind of brainwashing? Want to take a wild guess?

Randy Thomasson, who is president of has said that SB 48 is merely the latest California law “…mandating the homosexual-bisexual-transsexual agenda–as well as heterosexual fornication–in every government school in California without exception, and without parental exemption.” It seems there has been quite a raft of earlier laws signed that promote the homosexual agenda. What will be the response of parents there? A minority will finally see the problem and take their kids out. The majority will probably yawn, reach for the potato chips and wonder when the next “reality show” will be on.

SB 48 goes a step further and “demands” that students in public schools in California honor Harvey Milk. Who’s he, you ask? He was a homosexual activist, and reportedly, a sexual predator. If I recall correctly, Harvey Milk was murdered several years ago by one of his male “lovers.” Do Christian parents in California really want their kids honoring that??? And I am sure when this program is shoved down the throats of other states that some dutiful “legislator” in each state can be found that will sponsor a bill honoring some sexual pervert in that state.

This pathetic state of “educational” affairs is the kind of thing that the parents in Kanawha County, West Virginia protested against 37 years ago now. Hardly anyone across the country listened then. Most churches were silent. Most people refused to believe that “our” public schools would ever do something like what the protesters claimed. Of course the protesters had evidence, but in the evangelical community it wasn’t considered “loving” to doubt the public school system, so who wanted to look at such “negative’ evidence? It would seem that it takes some folks a long, long time to wake up–and some never do.

I have watched people complain about public schools for over 40 years now but it never seems to occur to the vast majority of them that if they don’t like what goes on in those schools they need to get their kids out of them. I think the public school educations of most people actually prevent them from doing what they should do. May the Lord help us because we sure don’t seem to be able to help ourselves.

What will you do when your kids come home some afternoon from their public school and inform you that they have decided to become “gender neutral” because their teacher has explained to them how “liberating” that really is? Don’t all answer at once.

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