Public School–The System IS the Problem

by Al Benson Jr.

Quite awhile back now, I read an article by a gentleman who was a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and was also a teacher. Justifiably, he lamented what he saw going on in the public schools across the country. He noted a school district in Massachusetts that was going to start teaching homosexuality to students at pre-school age and up. It is hardly coincidental that Massachusetts was the major foundation stone for the beginning of public education in this country–a foundation stone that was laid by Unitarians and socialists who denied the deity of Jesus Christ.

This gentleman told of talking to someone else at an SCV meeting, at which he was informed that the local high school was planning to allow a “gay” club to begin, and he noted, right in his hometown, a second grade teacher who told her class she was a lesbian. He felt that “…when immorality is being taught in a school to very young children and people complain about it, nothing can be done.” He wondered why the majority of moral, decent people in the country couldn’t get together and refuse to go along with the moral degeneracy being pushed in public schools.

As much as I can sympathize with is sentiments, as long as the majority of people continue to leave their kids in these schools, nothing will ever change.

The vast majority of parents will never get to the point where they complain or protest because they and their children have been and are being educated and conditioned by a system that accepts and promotes this garbage. As long as this stuff does not personally impact their families in a way they can see and understand, they will do nothing. The public school system they were educated in has programmed them to do nothing–maybe complain a little, but that’s it. Hence those few families that do have enough discernment to realize what’s being done to their kids and do really protest are easily brushed off as extremists or troublemakers and the government educrats basically ignore them because there is just not enough of them to make an impact. Only when a majority of angry parents rise up and make such a fuss that it attracts media attention, which might, thereby, endanger the brainwashing program, does the government education system react, and often the ways in which it reacts are far from pleasant. It is part of the job of the educrats to make sure not too much public attention is focused on what they are doing and they usually do a masterful job at that. The last mass protest against the evils perpetrated by a government school system took place in Kanawha County, West Virginia back in the mid-1970s, and how many Christians today even know it happened?

The protesters were so strong and vocal in their protest (and they had every right to be) that eventually the education establishment sought to suppress the protest any way they had to. Part of the solution included billy club-wielding law enforcement officers that broke up protest meetings and who really “got their kicks out of beating on those holy-rolling preachers” who led the protest. They weren’t overly concerned if a few other folks, older ladies included, got in the way of the clubs. After all, you don’t question the public education establishment in this country. They know what’s best for your kids and they will make sure they are properly propagandized–no matter what you want.

C. Bradley Thompson, an Associate History Professor of History and Politics at Ashland University, wrote an article back in 2001, dealing with the shootings going on up to that point in many public schools across the country. He had some very damning comments regarding what students receive in public schools that passes for education. He noted that: “The shootings have one thing in common, they all took place in school. The boys didn’t kill on the weekend, they didn’t kill after school, they didn’t shoot up the local Dairy Queen.” He continued: “The explanation for all these shootings might very well be found in the destruction of the minds and souls of America’s young people by an education establishment bent on using our children as guinea pigs for their bizarre experiments in schooling. The fact of the matter is that most U.S. public schools today are intellectual and moral wastelands.” It wasn’t only true when he wrote it. It had been true for several decades before that and it’s even more true today.

Professor Thompson talked about meeting many recent high school graduates and talking with them. What impressed him about them was that “…students don’t believe in very much and are unwilling to make moral judgments.” He noted another problem, no doubt related to that. He noted: “Beginning in elementary school, students are taught that all lifestyles are equal and that they should not discriminate between them,” Does this fact begin to help you to understand why “decent” people will not complain about the “moral wasteland” their kids are being educated in? It’s the same wasteland they were educated in. Decency and morality are being “educated”: out of our kids and have been for generations.

So I can sympathize with this gentleman in the SCV, but if he thinks the majority of good people are going to rise up and do something about it, he is kidding himself. It has gotten to the point where it is because good folks in preceding generations did nothing about it–so why should people bother now? Unless the Almighty intervenes and sends some sort of spiritual revival, nothing is going to happen in our lifetime, except that the government schools will continue to get worse (you ain’t seen nothin’ yet) and the vast majority of decent people may gripe a little, but after that they will continue to send their kids into this spiritual meat grinder and do nothing else. They have been “educated” to put up with it and so most of them will.

So the problem isn’t that the schools need more money to pour down the ever-expanding rat hole of “quality education” or that the buildings need to be repaired or that they need more teachers in classrooms with less students, or any of this claptrap that they parade before the public.

The problem IS the public school system. And at this point, the only way to avoid that problem is to get your children out of it. Don’t hang in there, joining the PTA and trying to :”reform” it because it will never happen and all you will get is frustrated. It’s like the man said “Trying to reform the public schools is like trying to teach a pig to dance. All you do is get dirty and the pig gets mad.” Nothing else happens.

So, for the folks that really want their children to receive a true education, you need to remove those children from the public brain laundries and propaganda factories we charitably call public schools.

Communism–Alive and Well in American Education

by Al Benson Jr.

Years ago I read a little book written by a Roy Colby entitled “A Communese-English Dictionary. It was an informative little book that described the Aesopian language used by the Communists and various other leftists and defined what they really meant. For instance, when they told us they wanted “peace” they didn’t mean the same thing by the word “peace” that we mean. To us it means that everyone tries to get along, live and let live, etc. To the Communist the word “peace” meant absence of resistance to Communism. If the Communist told you he desired “peaceful co-existence” what he really meant was that he was willing to live with you as long as he dominated the situation and called the shots. To him, anything else was war and if you dared to resist his agenda you were a war-monger.

For decades now they have been telling us that Communism was dead. It disappeared the day the Berlin Wall came down and has never reared its ugly head since then. Right! They tell me pigs fly, too, but I don’t believe that anymore than the “communism is dead” fairy tale. You may not have legions of Soviet troops marching down the streets of your cities, but you have their faithful minions hustling around on most of the college campuses (and some of the high schools and elementary schools too). They are not lurking in the bushes wearing trench coats with the collars turned up either. They are sitting in the offices of many of the professors and teachers and teaching propaganda to many of our young people, who would be better off somewhere else.

Military communism is not currently on the move in this country, but cultural communism is. Cultural Marxists have learned that they can catch and influence many more young people with professors and teachers than they do with soldiers, and so their apparatchiks are strategically stationed on campuses across the country where they can practice their class struggle techniques with the utmost effectiveness on youngsters that mostly don’t have a clue to what’s being done to them.

Most insiders, not wanting to give the game away, don’t refer to it as Cultural Marxism. They couch it in more politically correct terms–multiculturalism, diversity, tolerance, etc.

William Lind, in an Accuracy In Academia speech delivered way back in 2000 stated that: “Political correctness is cultural Marxism. It is a Marxism translated from economic into cultural terms…The totalitarian nature of Political Correctness is revealed nowhere more clearly than on college campuses, many of which at this point are small ivy-covered North Koreas,…” He is right, but the same game is also at work on campuses for the lower grades. Groups involved in this cultural totalitarianism are most often radical feminists, homosexual rights advocates, Hispanic or radical black groups–those that Mr. Lind refers to as the “sainted victims.” For them, everything in all of life revolves around their status as “victims” of a racist, homophobic society. No matter what question or subject comes up, they will eventually work it around to how they have been “oppressed” by the rest of us and how we need to repent of our oppression (hopefully with our open wallets in our outstretched hands). They have the right to express their views. Talk to them and you will find that this right does not extend to you if you oppose their views. It’s a one way street for these people. “Tolerance” means accepting what they promote whlile condemning your response if you dare to disagree. Multiculturalism means promoting and extolling all races except the white race, and most especially, white males. If you think this doesn’t go on in schools, visit a campus sometime and listen to the dialogue.

If you stop and think about it, this is nothing more than the classic Marxist class struggle technique–men against women, young against old, black against white–you name it–and they all have one solution for it, Western Civilization has got to go.

Clarence B. Carson has told us in his book “Basic Communism” that “While Lenin and his cohorts did not take over the whole job of rearing children from parents and relatives, they did do their best to wrest the training of them from parental, customary, traditional, and religious influences.” Carson noted that Karl Marx had indeed called for “Free education for all children in public schools” in the “Communist Manifesto.”

Further, he tells us that “Schooling was the chosen instrument of the Communists for indoctrination in their ideology and outlook. Schooling has tended to become, under government auspices, an instrument for breaking the hold of families, communities, and churches over the minds of children in many countries in the 20th century…The first step by Lenin to break this hold was to separate schooling from religion.” Does this sound familiar?

Stop and ask yourself–how much different is this than what is going on in this country today? The parallels are there for those willing to see them.

William Lind reminds us of the comments of Marxist theorist Georg Lukacs, wlho said back in 1919 “Who will save us from Western Civilization?” Remember just a few years ago now, on college campuses, you heard students chanting “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Western Civ has got to go.” Where do you think they got that from–the tooth fairy? And, by extention, remember that if you get rid of Western civilization then you also get rid of Christianity. If you think that has nothing to do with it you better think again.

To reiterate, Political Correctness is nothing more than cultural Marxism. It is Marxism dressed up and made up with a different face so you and your children will not recognize it. If our young people are not taught what it really is and how to resist it before they get to college, they might well fall prey to it.

One of your best solutions to this problem is to remove your kids from the public school system and teach them at home, making sure in the process, that you have not fallen prey to political correctness.

The Theology of the Public School System

by Al Benson Jr.

The late theologian and author, R. J. Rushdoony noted in his book “The Philosophy of the Christian Curriculum” that: “The function of education is thus to school persons in the ultimate values of a culture. This is inescapably a religious task. Education has always been a religious function of society and closely linked to its religion.” Rushdoony has thus told us that education finds its foundation in religion. Therefore, all education, whether its promoters will admit it or even realize it, is theological in nature. Men educate according to their beliefs, their theologies, if you will.

Awhile back Lawrence M. Ludlow wrote an article which appeared on the website called “State-Run Schools: The New Caesaropapism.” This term means basically a state-controlled religion. Mr. Ludlow wrote that: “In many ways, today’s state-controlled schools have replaced caesaropapism–or state-controlled religion–as a means by which rulers enforce their hegemony over citizen-subjects.” Ludlow briefly tells us how government schools came to dominate the American scene after 1850 and how they “helped to transform Americans into the passive and obedient beings they have become.”

If you have read any of the politically correct “history” books in recent decades you have been told that public schools were created so that illiteracy could be wiped out and that the average man would be able to read and write. You were told that only the wealthy had that option before the beneficent public school system came along. Sorry folks, but that’s not quite accurate. Mr. Ludlow has informed us that “…state-controlled schools are not a natural phenomenon. Instead they represent a government takeover of vibrant, private-sector initiatives that were voluntarily funded by parents…Furthermore, the state takeover of schooling, which began in Massachusetts during the 1850s, failed to improve the quality of learning. Even the late-lamented Senator Edward Kennedy admitted as much. In a paper released by his office, he acknowledged that the literacy rate in Massachusetts was 98% before compulsory education became law. Since that time the literacy rate has fallen, never to exceed 91% again. Quite interesting. So if government or public schools did not really have to educate the “ignorant masses” in New England, we might well ask just what their purpose was.

A large part of their purpose was, according to Rushdoony in “The Nature of the American System” to combat the influence of local church schools in Massachusetts and the influence they were having on the culture. Unfortunately, due to the ignorance, and in some cases, apostasy, of many Christians there who ended up supporting public education, they managed to do this. Having been successful in New England they began working on the rest of the country.

Their big impediment in the mid-1800s was the South, where no compulsory schooling laws existed and where education was still a parental responsibility. For that reason alone, the culture of the South had become notably different than that in the North. After the War of Northern Aggression that all changed and public schools came into the Southern states as in integral part of the Yankee “reconstruction” program.

Throughout all this, the true religion of the public school founders and movers remained mostly hidden from public view, except to a discerning few who vainly attempted to warn people what was happening to their children. Mostly, though, no one listened, and so public school theology was dispensed to the unsuspecting students via the curriculum.

In the 1900s the purveyors of public school religion became a little bolder. By now they had a few decades of practicing indoctrination under their belts and they were more secure. Charles Francis Potter, one of the signers of the first “Humanist Manifesto” stated quite plainly in 1930 that: “education is thus a most powerful ally of humanism and every American public school is a school of humanism. What can the theistic Sunday-schools, meeting for an hour once a week, and teaching only a fraction of the children, do to stem the tide of a five-day program of humanistic teaching?” Very good question–one I have asked myself. What indeed? Unfortunately, not much, but Christian parents, educated in public schools themselves, have yet to wake up to that fact.

Paul Blanchard, writing in the “Humanist” in the 1970s said: “I think that the most important factor moving us toward a secular society has been the educational factor. Our schools may not teach Johnny to read properly, but the fact that Johnny is in school until he reaches 16 tends to lead toward the elimination of religious superstition.” Right from the horse’s mouth (though some of these humanists might be more akin to the other end of the horse). They don’t give a rip whether they teach the kids to read or write–their main aim and object is to turn them away from the Christian faith. That is the real name of the game. The theology of the public (government) school system is anti-Christianity.

Those parents that send their kids to these humanist seminaries so they can be “a witness to the world” or so they can “take back our schools” (they were never “ours” to begin with) are deluding themselves. They have unknowingly reaped the fruit of the revolutionary, radical mindset they were no doubt educated in, so they think the same is alright for their kids. They have been brainwashed and don’t even realize it.

We would do well to remember that truth Rushdoony imparted to us–that all education is inescapably religious, and realizing that, we should remember that it is up to parents to make the decision as to whose religion they want their children taught in school, because, like it or not, they will be taught someone’s religion there. Were Hosea, the Old Testament prophet still around, he might well say again, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” and in all honesty, who could disagree with him.

History That Gets Left Out–On Purpose

by Al Benson Jr.

Quite often the “history” books in public schools are “interesting” as much for what they leave out as for what they include.

Over the years many of us have seen “history” books that talk about Abraham Lincoln, the “great emancipator.” This was supposedly the man who “freed” the slaves (he didn’t). This was the man who supposedly had a fond spot in his heart for all black folks (actually he was a flaming racist). Even today, blacks continue to revere his name as those he were Moses leading them through the Red Sea. Actually, Lincoln did lead them (and most of the rest of us), through the Red Sea. We just don’t have the sense yet to realize that he drowned us all in the process.

Actually, Lincoln cared not about the slaves one way or the other. His statements showed that. His main concern was “preserving the Union” in such a way that the individual states had no real say, except as allowed by Washington. He didn’t care a flip one way or the other whether slavery flourished or not. As proof of this, witness his support for the Corwin Amendment. “What’s that?” you say. You mean you never read about it in your public school “history” books? Guess it must have been one of those little things the public school “educators” and their friends in the book publishing industry determined you would be better off not knowing about. After all, you cant ask embarrassing questions if you don’t know, can you?

The Corwin Amendment was introduced into Congress in March of 1861. Its sponsor was Ohio Representative Thomas Corwin. That’s right, folks, he was from Ohio, not Georgia or Alabama. Some reports have stated that the Corwin Amendment was introduced to prevent the “Civil War.” It was presented to the Congress in the form of House (Joint) Resolution No. 80. The entire idea of the Corwin Amendment was to prohibit Congress from trying to ban slavery in whatever states there were that permitted it. The Corwin Amendment would have stopped Congress from “abolishing or interfering with the ‘domestic institutions’ including ‘persons held to labor or service’ (a reference to slavery).” Interestingly enough, a parallel resolution to that was introduced into the Senate by William H. Seward of New York, (not Georgia, but New York). Wikipedia even notes: “However, the newly formed Confederate States of America was totally committed to independence, and so ignored the proposed Corwin Amendment.” Interesting. Our so-called “historians” (and I use that term rather loosely here) continue to inform us that the sole reason the Southern states seceded was so they could keep their slaves. Here was a golden opportunity for them to keep their slaves and get back into the Union if slavery was all it was all about, and they passed it up. Which shows that there were other reasons for secession than slavery. Now the historians would never admit that, no matter what.

The House approved the legislation by a vote of 133-65 and later in March the Senate approved it by a vote of 24-12. The seven slave-holding states that had already seceded from the Union did not bother to vote on the issue, leading to the inescapable conclusion that, for them, slavery was not the sole issue. Had it been the sole issue, no doubt they could have petitioned Washington to get back into the Union so they could have voted to keep their slaves.

Interestingly enough, the “Great Emancipator” did not opposed the Corwin Amendment. He said, in his first inaugural address: “(H)olding such a provision to now be implied Constitutional law, I have no objection to its being made express and irrevocable.” In other words, an amendment that made slavery for life the rule of law didn’t bother Mr. Lincoln one iota.

According to “A young Henry Adams observed that the measure narrowly passed both houses due to the lobbying efforts of Abraham Lincoln, the President-Elect.”

So Lincoln lobbied to get this amendment through both houses of Congress. Something else your history books didn’t bother to inform you of. After all, it wouldn’t fit the image of the “Great Emancipator” that people in both government schools and government wanted to present to the “great unwashed” (and under-educated) masses–so just leave it out. It appears that Mr. Lincoln was not really the great emancipator we have been told he was. His “Emancipation Proclamation” which was really a war and propaganda measure, not withstanding, freed no one. The slaves were not officially freed until the 13th Amendment, late in 1865, after Lincoln had passed from the scene.

Maybe we all need to start asking a few questions about those government school “history” books we were brought up with and that they have been foisting on our kids ever since–embarrassing questions–the kind they don’t want asked.

The Dumb-Dumb Factory

by Al Benson Jr.

The situation with what we charitably call “public education” continues to get more and more bizarre, and more folks are beginning to ask the question: “Is what my kids are getting in public school really education?” Well, no, it’s not. It’s not even close.

I talked to a friend recently that has his two youngest kids in public school in the town he lives in. They are in the 5th and 6th grades. I asked him about the books the kids brought home for homework. He told me they didn’t bring the books home from school hardly ever. What they did bring home for homework was worksheet type material, but rarely a book. He has no clue to the content of 95% of the books his kids use. I asked him “What does that tell you?” His reply came quickly, “They don’t want parents to see the books.” How right he is. They don’t. In his case, he is the kind of father, who, if he saw something off key in one of his kid’s textbooks he would go to the school and ask questions and he would expect real answers, not progressive platitudes.

The easiest solution to that little problem for the schools is to make sure that he and all the other parents don’t ever get a look at the vast majority of the school books. What little they do get to see is probably pretty innocuous,  the rest, who knows? Shades of Kanawha County, West Virginia! Nothing has changed in public education in 37 years except that it has grown more radical and the student brainwashing has continued apace.

A friend back east recently sent an email stating that she thought it was not so much a matter of dumbing down by the schools, but rather a matter of their not wanting to believe what they don’t wish to believe. With some older students and even some adults, there is a certain amount of truth to this. I once knew a homeschooling mother who, knowing my opinion of the sainted Abraham Lincoln, told me flat out “I’m a great admirer of Abraham Lincoln and I know how you feel about him, so I’m not going there with you.” It has been said that the brainwashed never wonder, and mostly the self-brainwashed don’t either. So there is truth to this lady’s opinion.

But then the question arose from another friend “What makes folks not want to learn the truth?” And she then answers her own question “Carefully planned indoctrination (brainwashing) of course. Of a type so subtle that those subjected to it may never realize it.” She is right also. And most today who have gone to public schools have been, at one point or another, subjected to it. It’s part of the curriculum–on purpose.

I recently read on a short article written in 2005. It said: “The American public education system is dumbing down your kids and preparing them for a life of mediocrity. That’s the startling, but perhaps not surprising premise behind John Taylor Gatto’s book “The Underground History of American Education,” which is available to read free online. (Hint: Try the printer-friendly links in each chapter.)

Gatto, a former New York State Teacher of the Year taught for 30 years in public schools. Obviously he knows whereof he speaks.

The article continues: ” He (Gatto) argues that the system is designed to suppress in children the ability of critical thinking and judgment needed to accomplish great things, and to psychologically warp children so as to be docile, apathetic, uncomplaining employees and consumers when they grow up.” The proles from 1984! Keep ’em fat, reasonably content and stupid and they’ll never bother to ask any questions.

Charlotte Iserbyt was appointed to the U.S. Department of Education by Ronald Reagan, Her position with that august body did not last long. She was fired in 1982 “after she objected to–and later leaked documents exposing–top level agreements between the administration and the Soviet Union for the purpose of redirecting the course of American education.” Let that little tidbit sink in for a minute. The “conservative” Reagan administration was cozying up to the Soviet Union for the purpose of “redirecting the course of American education.” Where do you suppose they planned on taking it. Any guesses?

Mrs. Iserbyt said, in an interview given back in 2002, referring to Bush’s “No child left behind program” that: “Instead of thinking it’s wonderful that the president and secretary are saying ‘All children will learn. No child will be left behind’ you must ask yourself what that means. It has nothing to do with education. It has to do with reaching the lowest common denominator and getting rid of any academics because corporations–certainly the multinationals–don’t want intelligent workers. The Carnegie Corporation’s David Hornbeck , who has restructured education in many of the states, essentially said in his book “Human Capital” that ‘We don’t want educated workers. They give us a hard time. They quit their jobs. They ask too many questions.'” Interesting that the Carnegie Corporation employs this man who has “restructured education in many of the states.” Who gave him the authority to do that and were the parents ever informed? Oh, I forgot, they don’t want people who ask questions.

You folks who dutifully sent your kids to be “educated” in public schools always thought those schools were “your schools.” After all, you pay a big chunk of your property taxes to support them. Some of your are hopefully now beginning to learn that “your schools” were never really your schools, not even from day one in public education back in the 1830s! For decades these schools have been the vehicles of the Carnegie and Rockefeller foundations to promote the type of student that would be useful for their New World Order agenda–a student that will not ask intelligent questions, will not complain when the jack boot is placed on his neck and his taxes are raised and will be docile and content to work his eight or ten hour a day shift at the widget factory, come home, plant himself in front of the television and be totally satisfied to absorb whatever meaningless drivel the New World Order networks crank out there for him to amuse himself with.

This is what your public schools are turning out. This is what they exist for. This is their theology. Students learn not to think, not to question (anything except Christianity, which they are programmed to question) and never to ask why, because a thirst for knowledge, especially in the areas of history and politics might get them into big trouble.

Proletarian students (proles) who have learned not to question anything have learned to keep themselves out of trouble with the powers that be. Their parents have sold their God-given birthright of liberty for a mess of socialist pottage and the public school system is doing them all a big favor by keeping the students dumb enough that they don’t have the intelligence to question the motives of the Cultural Marxists in Washington and their state capitals. It’s the public school’s way of keeping them safe instead of free. Think about it.