One More Question–Why???

by Al Benson Jr.

A few years ago a gentleman in Shreveport, Louisiana sent me an interesting little booklet called “The Confederate Book of Arguments–100 Questions your teacher did not want you to ask in school.”

Some of the questions were rather good. For instance: “A civil war is described as two or more internal factions fighting for control over one government entity. Why should the American Conflict of 1861-65 be called the American Civil War when the people and government of the South were not attempting to take control of the United States government in Washington, D.C. but only wanted to separate from the U.S. Government? It’s a good question. One I never heard discussed in any public school I ever attended.

Another good question: “What historical evidence can you offer to prove…that the Confederate Battle Flag is a symbol of hate, or treason?” Yet another, “How and when did slavery end in the North?” That one, alone, should provoke reams of discussion which might prove quite illuminating, if the truth could be heard above the screams and shouts of leftist radicals and racists. These questions, and the rest in the booklet, are good and thought-provoking and are intended to be a defense of Southern and Confederate heritage.

However, I have one more question that really should be asked in any discussion over the defense of Southern or Confederate heritage–why do most Southern folks continue to send their children to public schools where such questions even need to be asked? It’s almost as if many of them realize their kids are going to get a skewed view of their history and heritage and culture in public school, and yet they continue to send them there anyway. Why??? If I knew my youngsters were going to come home from school with a terribly incorrect and distorted view of their history and culture, I would take steps to find another place where that would not happen–someplace where “Distorted History 101” would not be the order of the day. :How about teaching them at home? How about finding a good Christian school, one where you have a chance to check over the textbooks before you register your student? I realize that, in some instances, some folks have no other option than the public school. But there are many that do. These are the folks I am talking to with this article.

Public (government) schooling in the Southern states came in as an integral part of the Northern “reconstruction” program after the War of Northern Aggression. And today, thanks to decades of public school “education” most Southern folks don’t know much about “reconstruction.” I’m sure, were you able to talk to some of your great grandparents they could tell you things about “reconstruction” that would really get your dander up. It was really one of the most shameful periods in American history. Marxist historians will try to tell you how wonderful it was. However, Marxists have been known to prevaricate on occasion. Many have done enough research even in our day, to prove how shameful and rotten “reconstruction” really was.

The South, and her people lived, during “reconstruction” through what can only be described as cultural genocide–and part of the cultural genocide in the South was the public school system. Yet, for all of that, most Southern folks support public schools with a passion that can almost be described as religious. They don’t want their heritage and culture destroyed–yet they doggedly cling to the one institution that is doing a spectacular job of doing just that. Why?

Years ago Samuel Blumenfeld wrote a revealing book called “Is Public Education Necessary?” The content of Blumenfeld’s book helps us to realize that it isn’t. Check and see if you can find his book on It’s worth the read. He noted that the public school is, in effect, a humanist seminary. He wrote: “The youngster who passes through its classrooms emerges indoctrinated in a body of secular values as if he had gone to a sort of government parochial school…This is particularly true in the social sciences, where a secular humanist view of the world is presented virtually as revealed religion based on an unquestioned faith in science and materialism. Thus, the rituals of school life replace the rituals of the church to fill the youngster’s days with a formalism called ‘education’.” You could say that government schooling promotes a form of secular government religion and you would be right on target.

Blumenfeld also told us that “Apart from national defense, public education now represents the largest single tax-based system of cash flow in the United States. In 1977 about 81 billion dollars flowed through its channels. More than two million educators have developed a vested interest in seeing that the cash not only continues to flow, but increases in volume.” Blumenfeld reiterated what many have been saying for decades now, when he told us, quite bluntly “…public education is an instrument of government policy. the public educator, as a government employee, is obliged to implement that policy whatever it may be.” That’s not to say there are not some good people in the public school system–rather it is to say that the good people there are captives of the system every bit as much as the children they are forced to indoctrinate. So much for the myth of “local control” in public schools. That is a facade, an illusion. Ask the people that protested the rotten textbooks in Kanawha County, West Virginia over 30 years ago. Washington, D.C. really calls the educational shots in public schools.

At this point in our history, part of the policy of government education is the destruction of Southern heritage and culture. And how, today, does the average Southerner combat that? He continues to send his kids to the local public school so that institution can accomplish that destruction in his children. Then, when lhis kids come home ashamed of their historoy and heritage and of being Southerners, he wonders why.

2 thoughts on “One More Question–Why???

  1. In truth, Reconstruction has never stoipped, as it is still going on, only now it’s going on via not only govt Federal schools, but the govt media in all forms. It should be also noted that segregation has always been a Yankee Northern ploy, and that began in the very beginning of Reconstruction, so as to turn the races agaisnt each other to cause all kinds of friction and riots, etc. The Feds (DC) separated the Negro from the whites from the Indians, etc in order to braeinwash each group against the other. A policy Obama is taking full advantage of during his reign, as he has tried to get a race war going from day one.

    • Bravo for you young lady, you are so right, Obama is a puppet on a string being yanked by the same exploiters that started all this mess with the “Civil War” and all of its ramifications including the “unlawful” forced adoption of the 14th Amendment by an unlawful assembled Congress and a renegade Army, drunk with power (figuratively and sometimes literally, knowingly) by the President and the Commanding General where the troops would rape and burn entire regions of the south.
      The question is, who have we elected that has been in power for over 150 years that could carry out such a mass program that affects more than just the south, The fact is it affects the entire nation, The answer is no one, so it must be something else or “group” that keeps this in perpetual motion, so who could this be? That is the question that should be on everyone’s mind.
      The people, group, that are behind this charade is the same group who own and operate the Federal Reserve Bank. These steps and particularly, the 14th Amendment had to be put into place before the Federal Reserve Bank could operate, The “Central Government,” Congress in this case, had to have “subjects”/citizens before the Federal Reserve Bank could “create out of thin air” money. You see there has to be someone to back even the so called money “created out of thin air.” It is a plot carefully planned and executed over a long period of time by the Bank of England, who owns and controls the Federal Reserve Bank. It is treason of the highest order which no one dares to approach.

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