Public School–The System IS the Problem

by Al Benson Jr.

Quite awhile back now, I read an article by a gentleman who was a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and was also a teacher. Justifiably, he lamented what he saw going on in the public schools across the country. He noted a school district in Massachusetts that was going to start teaching homosexuality to students at pre-school age and up. It is hardly coincidental that Massachusetts was the major foundation stone for the beginning of public education in this country–a foundation stone that was laid by Unitarians and socialists who denied the deity of Jesus Christ.

This gentleman told of talking to someone else at an SCV meeting, at which he was informed that the local high school was planning to allow a “gay” club to begin, and he noted, right in his hometown, a second grade teacher who told her class she was a lesbian. He felt that “…when immorality is being taught in a school to very young children and people complain about it, nothing can be done.” He wondered why the majority of moral, decent people in the country couldn’t get together and refuse to go along with the moral degeneracy being pushed in public schools.

As much as I can sympathize with is sentiments, as long as the majority of people continue to leave their kids in these schools, nothing will ever change.

The vast majority of parents will never get to the point where they complain or protest because they and their children have been and are being educated and conditioned by a system that accepts and promotes this garbage. As long as this stuff does not personally impact their families in a way they can see and understand, they will do nothing. The public school system they were educated in has programmed them to do nothing–maybe complain a little, but that’s it. Hence those few families that do have enough discernment to realize what’s being done to their kids and do really protest are easily brushed off as extremists or troublemakers and the government educrats basically ignore them because there is just not enough of them to make an impact. Only when a majority of angry parents rise up and make such a fuss that it attracts media attention, which might, thereby, endanger the brainwashing program, does the government education system react, and often the ways in which it reacts are far from pleasant. It is part of the job of the educrats to make sure not too much public attention is focused on what they are doing and they usually do a masterful job at that. The last mass protest against the evils perpetrated by a government school system took place in Kanawha County, West Virginia back in the mid-1970s, and how many Christians today even know it happened?

The protesters were so strong and vocal in their protest (and they had every right to be) that eventually the education establishment sought to suppress the protest any way they had to. Part of the solution included billy club-wielding law enforcement officers that broke up protest meetings and who really “got their kicks out of beating on those holy-rolling preachers” who led the protest. They weren’t overly concerned if a few other folks, older ladies included, got in the way of the clubs. After all, you don’t question the public education establishment in this country. They know what’s best for your kids and they will make sure they are properly propagandized–no matter what you want.

C. Bradley Thompson, an Associate History Professor of History and Politics at Ashland University, wrote an article back in 2001, dealing with the shootings going on up to that point in many public schools across the country. He had some very damning comments regarding what students receive in public schools that passes for education. He noted that: “The shootings have one thing in common, they all took place in school. The boys didn’t kill on the weekend, they didn’t kill after school, they didn’t shoot up the local Dairy Queen.” He continued: “The explanation for all these shootings might very well be found in the destruction of the minds and souls of America’s young people by an education establishment bent on using our children as guinea pigs for their bizarre experiments in schooling. The fact of the matter is that most U.S. public schools today are intellectual and moral wastelands.” It wasn’t only true when he wrote it. It had been true for several decades before that and it’s even more true today.

Professor Thompson talked about meeting many recent high school graduates and talking with them. What impressed him about them was that “…students don’t believe in very much and are unwilling to make moral judgments.” He noted another problem, no doubt related to that. He noted: “Beginning in elementary school, students are taught that all lifestyles are equal and that they should not discriminate between them,” Does this fact begin to help you to understand why “decent” people will not complain about the “moral wasteland” their kids are being educated in? It’s the same wasteland they were educated in. Decency and morality are being “educated”: out of our kids and have been for generations.

So I can sympathize with this gentleman in the SCV, but if he thinks the majority of good people are going to rise up and do something about it, he is kidding himself. It has gotten to the point where it is because good folks in preceding generations did nothing about it–so why should people bother now? Unless the Almighty intervenes and sends some sort of spiritual revival, nothing is going to happen in our lifetime, except that the government schools will continue to get worse (you ain’t seen nothin’ yet) and the vast majority of decent people may gripe a little, but after that they will continue to send their kids into this spiritual meat grinder and do nothing else. They have been “educated” to put up with it and so most of them will.

So the problem isn’t that the schools need more money to pour down the ever-expanding rat hole of “quality education” or that the buildings need to be repaired or that they need more teachers in classrooms with less students, or any of this claptrap that they parade before the public.

The problem IS the public school system. And at this point, the only way to avoid that problem is to get your children out of it. Don’t hang in there, joining the PTA and trying to :”reform” it because it will never happen and all you will get is frustrated. It’s like the man said “Trying to reform the public schools is like trying to teach a pig to dance. All you do is get dirty and the pig gets mad.” Nothing else happens.

So, for the folks that really want their children to receive a true education, you need to remove those children from the public brain laundries and propaganda factories we charitably call public schools.


10 thoughts on “Public School–The System IS the Problem

    • Jake,
      It’s not what I say that matters, it’s what the Bible says. Homosexuality is condemned in both Leviticus and Deuteronomy and listed among those things the apostle Paul condemns in his epistles in the New Testament. I suppose if one is homosexual and is determined to live that lifestyle no one will probably change his mind, but frankly, many folks resent having this lifestyle shoved in their faces while being made to feel guilty if they refuse to accept it. According to the Scriptures homosexuality is a sin but for all sinners of all kinds there is forgiveness with God if one repents (turns away) from the sins.

  1. but the bible such an anachronistic thing it is hard to believe anything that was said 5000 years ago whats morally right has changed and people who blindly follow the bible have no right to say what is right and wrong

    • The Bible is the Word of God and though people and their faulty morals may change, or think they do, God does not change and what He said 5000 years ago or yesterday is still the same. You may think people who follow the Bible do not have the right to tell others what is right or wrong, but God has the right to do that. Will you argue with Him? If you do, then you do it to your own hurt. The Bible is the one source of absolute truth and the standard by which all men must measure their conduct, whether they like it or not. And those that argue with God usually come out on the short end of the stick one way or another. Better to confess your errors and repent of them, for with God, through Jesus Christ, there is always forgiveness and that does not change.

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