“Critical Theory” and Confederate Heritage

by Al Benson Jr.

There are many who view, with continuing alarm, the blatant and relentless attacks on Confederate and Southern history, heritage and symbols. They can’t seem to fathom why this or that group seems to hate Confederate flags, symbols, and heritage so much. They are not “racists” or hate-mongers. All they want is to be able to enjoy their culture and history and they cant figure out why some groups are so opposed to letting them do that.

They fail to recognize that there is a coordinated rationale behind all these attacks on the South. It is not just a random “liberal” group here or there that happens to not approve of Confederate symbols locally–in fact there is nothing random about any of it. It is all part and parcel of what we know as Marxist Critical Theory.

It is a major part of what we refer to as Cultural Marxism–and a major part of the Cultural Marxist agenda is the planned cultural destruction of anything even remotely perceived as Christian, Confederate, or Southern.

An article I recently read on http://www.discoverthenetworks.org dealt with this. It noted that Political Correctness, also a major part of Cultural Marxism, is not something to be taken lightly. Many folks sniff at it and regard it as a minor annoyance. It is much more serious and insidious than that. The article observed that: “…Political Correctness is deadly serious in its aims, seeking to impose a uniformity of thought and behavior on all Americans. It is therefore totalitarian in nature. It’s roots lie in a version of Marxism, which sees culture, rather than the economy, as the site of class struggle.” These folks have taken Marxism to a new level and we need to be aware of that.

The article noted that Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci and Hungarian Marxist Georg Lukacs were the two that contributed most significantly to Cultural Marxism. Gramsci believed that a “new Communist man” had to be created and it had to be done via a changed culture, and only then would real political revolution be possible. And Lukacs felt that for this new culture to emerge, the old culture had to be destroyed. He said: “I saw the revolutionary destruction of society as the one and only solution to the cultural contradictions of the epoch…Such a worldwide overturning of values cannot take place without the annihilation of the old values and the creation of new ones by the revolutionaries.” Do you realize that the “old culture” they are working and planning to annihilate is ours? Maybe we should stop and reflect on that for a moment. Many Christians in America will shake their heads and say “well, that will never happen here.” I’m sure there were people in Germany and Russia before Hitler and Stalin who thought the same thing. In this country we now have Obama. You think he’s not tirelessly working to change the culture–to tear down what we have had in the past and to replace it with “Gay marriage, more illegal immigrants, the replacement of the rule of law with the concept of rule by Executive Decree? Mr. Obama is the living personification of Marxist “Critical Theory” in action.

The Discover the Networks article stated, quite plainly, that: “Critical Theory was essentially destructive criticism of the main elements of Western culture, including Christianity, capitalism, the family…morality, tradition, sexual restraint, loyalty, patriotism, nationalism, heredity, ethnocentrism,…Critical Theorists recognized that traditional beliefs and existing social structure would have to be destroyed and then replaced with a ‘new thinking’ that would become as much a part of the elementary consciousness as the old one had been.” Ever wonder why “your” public schools do what they do regarding your culture? Look no further than “Critical Theory.”

To be continued.

National Socialism (Fascism) “Based On Marx”

by Al Benson Jr.

A few weeks back I did an article dealing with the fact that fascism is not “right wing” as we have been informed that it is. But rather it is firmly over there on the left side of the political spectrum, right next to its “kissin’ cousin”, communism.

In all my growing up years and into my early years in political activism I can remember supposedly well-informed people emphasizing to me that Hitler was a “right wing fascist” which was, in its own way, just as bad or worse than a communist. I do not doubt that fascism is as bad as communism, but as far as it being on “the right” I have learned better and I am convined that that entire scenario was dreamed up to make the folks on the right look bad. Many of those folks that yarned about fascism being on the right sort of looked down their well-informed noses at me because I was politically on the right, and was, therefore, in their estimation, courting fascism. These folks had no problem being a wee-bit soft on communism, but oh, how they hated fascism. All I can say is that some of the “well-informed” ain’t so well informed as they think they are.

Years ago I heard a lecturer from the John Birch Society give a speech in which he explained the political spectrum–from left to right. He explained, quite plainly, that when it came to the political spectrum fascism (total government) was right over there on the left with communism (total government). He was the only person I heard say that for years, but now it seems that more are awakening to this fact.

A recent article on LewRockwell.com by Daniel Hannan very succinctly pointed all this out. His article originally appeared in The Telegraph in England. Hannan noted that before Hitler’s invasion of Russia, his henchman, Josef Goebbels “looked forward to the new order that the Nazis would impose on a conquered Russia. There would be no come-back, he wrote, for capitalists nor priests nor Tzars. Rather, in the place of a debased Jewish Bolshevism, the Wehrmacht would deliver…real socialism. Goebbels never doubted that he was a socialist. He understood Nazism to be a better and more plausible form of socialism than that propagated by Lenin.”

Hannan noted that, in the West, the cultural victory of the leftists has been so smotheringly pervasive that merely to hear such statements gets most people shook up. They literally, and politically, just can’t deal with that. It goes against all they were taught in school and so it must be wrong–but it isn’t.

And even Hitler, himself, admitted it wasn’t. Hannan stated that: “Hitler told Hermann Rauschning, a Prussian who briefly worked for the Nazis before rejecting them and fleeing the country, that he admired much of the thinking of the revolutionaries he had known as a young man; but he felt they had been talkers and not doers. ‘I have put into practice what these peddlers and pen pushers have timidly begun,’ he boasted, adding that ‘the whole of National Socialism was based on Marx.’

Now there’s a chunk of Red meat for the progressives to chew on! Hannan said that when such statements are made it “elicits an almost berserk reaction from people who think of themselves as progressives and see anti-fascism as part of their ideology.” In other words, these folks are doubleminded (and therefore “unstable in all their ways”)–they want it both ways. They just can’t stand the thought that their “arch enemy” fascism has the same root as their vaunted “progressivism.” Just two peas in the same socialist pod–and it is the same pod. It’s almost laughable.

The communists, socialists, and progressives should be made to march through the streets carrying signs that say We have met the fascists–and they are us.

The Yankee/Marxist Mindset—alive and well among Lincoln’s military

By Al Benson Jr.
How many have followed the news in recent months, noting the contemptuous comments by those in the Obama Regime regarding the average American? Those people look down their long, Marxist noses at us with utter contempt. They have no use whatever for us except to use us as the cash cow to fund their efforts to destroy our faith and culture. They use us to pay for our own destruction. And we are supposed to be too stupid to know what’s going on. Unfortunately, thanks to what has passed for education in this country in the last 100 years, they are often right. However, after the last six “transparent” years of thinly-disguised fascism/Marxism some people are finally beginning to wake up, much to the chagrin of our current ruling elite. After all, you can only spit in people’s faces for so long while telling them it is dew, before some of them wise up.

The recent run-off election here in Louisiana showed that some folks have wised up. Liberal (socialist) Landrieu was finally sent packing after six years as an Obama clone that should have shamed anyone but an outright Marxist. Now we have to watch the man that unseated her to make sure he does what he claims he will do, and let him know we will be watching him if he doesn’t.

Unfortunately, this political (and military) contempt at the national level for ordinary people is not something that is new. It has not only been around since FDR, which many naïve (and some otherwise) people tell us is when our national problems really started. Anyone who has read any of my recent articles pertaining to the Constitution and the weakness of the checks and balances system realizes that our problems began long before FDR—not that he didn’t mightily contribute to those problems—but he was not the originator.

This elitist attitude toward the ordinary man was especially prevalent during and after the War of Northern Aggression. In an article by Thomas DiLorenzo that appeared on LewRockwell.com for December 4th Professor DiLorenzo noted the attitude of General William Tecumseh Sherman toward the civilian population of the South, and toward South Carolinians in particular.

Dr. DiLorenzo observed: “In a January 31, 1864 letter to Major R. M. Sawyer, Sherman explained the reason why he hated the South in general, and South Carolina in particular, so much. The war, he said, ‘was the result of a false political doctrine that any and every people have a right to self-government’.” Why how dare these insignificant South Carolinians think they had a right to self-government! Didn’t they realize that all they existed for was to serve the mighty federal Leviathan that reigned in Washington under “King Lincoln”? Why else would they even want to exist?

One of Sherman’s subordinate officers, a sterling individual named George W. Nichols, got a book published about his outstanding exploits in the War. He described South Carolinians as “the scum, the lower dregs of civilization” who are “not Americans; they are merely South Carolinians.” And General Carl Schurz noted that the average Yankee soldier looked at South Carolina as “deserving of special punishment.” Interpreted into real English that meant that the Yankee/Marxist military leadership from Sherman on down were willing to let their soldiers burn, rape, plunder and pillage in South Carolina while doing little to restrain them. After all, these South Carolina folks had to be taught a lesson—you don’t defy Yankee/Marxist authority and get away with it. With generals like Schurz on board you can bet that major appropriation of Southern property was near the top of the agenda. Comrade Schurz was one of the socialist generals Donnie Kennedy and I dealt with in our book Lincoln’s Marxists. . If you want to read more about Comrade Schurz that the history books will not inform you about, get our book. Schurz is dealt with in some detail and you will learn things about him the authors of the “history” books have seen fit to drop down the “memory hole.”

Sherman had no more use for the concept of self-government than those socialists and Marxists from Europe that were so much a part of Lincoln’s armies. In his book Citizen Sherman, Michael Fellman said of Sherman that: “His rejection of democracy and his semisecret reactionary faith in a military seizure of power deepened through the secession crisis and into the opening stages of his involvement in the Civil War.” In other words, this was Sherman’s attitude before the War even really started. Where do you suppose he got that from? Sherman’s thinking in this direction deepened as the War went on. After Vicksburg, he wrote to his brother, John that “A government resting immediately on the caprice of a people is too unstable to last… (A)ll must obey. Government, that is, the executive, having no discretion but to execute the law must be to that extent despotic.” The wishes or desires of the ordinary people made no difference. All must obey. Period! One wonders where the vaunted Constitution was during all this—in Lincoln’s bottom desk drawer maybe?

This was Sherman’s attitude toward ordinary folks—sheep to be shorn—as they bow the knee to an all-powerful secular messiah in Washington—be his name Lincoln or Obama. Unfortunately, too many Christians are willing to accept that, forgetting that there is only one King, King Jesus, and we are to bow the knee to Him, not to some tinpot dictator that wants to usurp Him and take His place.

As the new Congress files in to take its place in January, start keeping an eye on it and what it does, and if your Congressperson starts leaning to the left, let him/her know in no uncertain terms that you don’t like it—even if he/she does look down his/her nose at you for reminding them who they are supposed to be there to serve. Reminding them we already know what official Washington thinks of us would not be out of line.

A Trip To Northfield

By Al Benson Jr.

I recently returned from a trip to Minnesota, not the warmest place in the country this time of year. I visited with folks I’ve not seen in several years and it was a good reunion, even if the temperature hardly ever got up to freezing.

While there I got to go over to the town of Northfield, which should be a familiar name to many who study history, and particularly to those who have studied some of the personalities on both sides during the War of Northern Aggression. Northfield is a nice little town of about 20,000 and much of the architecture in the center of town is still of the type you saw in many parts of the country, particularly the Midwest, South and West during the late 19th century. Much of it looks very little changed since that time. Over the years we’ve been in many towns across the country that have sought to retain their original flavor and we enjoy them very much. Modern I am not. I like the older, traditional things, which, I suppose, makes me somewhat of an anachronism to the modern or post-modern (or whatever they call them nowadays) crowd.

Anyway, one of Northfield’s claims to fame is that Jesse James and his gang tried to rob the First National Bank there on September 7, 1876. That might seem a long way out of traditional Jesse James territory, but there were reasons for this particular expedition.

To understand that Jesse James was more than just your ordinary bandit out to steal whatever he could, you have to understand the conditions that prevailed in Missouri before, during and after the War of Northern Aggression. Missouri was a state in which slavery existed before the War, but, as an aside, it also existed in Minnesota before the War. I recently read an article on the Internet entitled Slavery at Fort Snelling (1820s-1850s). The article noted: “The officers and civilians in and near Fort Snelling (Minnesota) who used slave labor were in violation of the Missouri Compromise of 1820, which stated that slavery was forbidden in the territory gained through the Louisiana Purchase north of the 36 degree-30 degree latitude line (except within the boundaries of the state of Missouri). Slavery had existed in this region prior to the Compromise, however, and it continued in spite of it.” History books ever bother to mention that? Slavery in Minnesota—what a surprise!

At any rate, the state of Missouri, because slavery existed there, had had, from about 1854, problems with the state of Kansas, which was fast turning into an Abolitionist’s paradise, which it still is today. You can still feel the “we love John Brown” atmosphere in Eastern Kansas as you pass through it even today. But, as the number of abolitionists increased in Eastern Kansas, most of them being from the Northeast or Upper Midwest, so did their desire to “free” the slaves in Missouri, right across the border. Unfortunately for the folks in Western Missouri, the Kansas abolitionists had a decidedly socialist “redistribution of the wealth” attitude in which they felt it their bounden duty to redistribute everything and anything they could purloin in Missouri over into Kansas. Once the War commenced Kansas brigandage was given the cloak of federal legality and yesterdays thieves became today’s Yankee/Marxist brigadier generals.

Although Missouri was considered a “Union” state, though I believe their governor did sign a secession ordinance, the federal armies invaded Missouri, and treated the state’s citizens as prisoners of an occupied state. Lots of good Missouri folks sent their sons off to fight for the Confederacy, but some stayed on at home to try to protect their families and property from the “benefits” of Yankee occupation, and those “benefits” were substantial, especially if you owned anything the Yankees wanted. Missouri resisted—and its resistance forces were called “guerillas, bushwackers,” etc. Families who had sons in the Confederate service were special targets of Yankee beneficence. Jesse James was once, when he was fifteen years old, beaten by Yankee soldiers because he would not reveal the whereabouts of his brother, Frank, who had been fighting for the South, and his stepfather had also been hanged by Yankee soldiers for the same thing. He did survive the hanging but it was no great benefit to his health, being an elderly man.

When the War finally ended and Yankee/Marxist charity was fully able to reign, those who had fought against it in Missouri were promised amnesty if they would come in and surrender. Jesse James and some others rode in to surrender and the generous Yankee soldiers shot him. It was almost the identical situation portrayed in the “Outlaw Josie Wales” movie where “General” Jim Lane, the infamous Kansas Redleg, said of the Southern boys that surrendered “They were decently fed and decently shot.” I guess a bit of that sort of amnesty went on in Missouri that the “history” books forgot to mention.

And, after the War, the Yankee bankers took over in Missouri. Marley Brant, in her book Jesse James—The Man and the Myth observed that: “The Eastern power elite decided to expand its domination of the area after they had gained control of the majority of the Midwestern banking institutions.” Does that little fact give you any inkling as to why the James Gang and others went after the banks? The Yankee/Marxists had made their lives miserable, even those who were allowed to surrender without being shot. This was the only way they could fight back—in effect, steal from the thieves that had stolen from them.

Which brings us to Northfield in Minnesota. Ms. Brant stated, on page 176 of her book that: “Bill Chadwell (one of the James Gang) was in immediate agreement. He was familiar with Northfield and gave his associates some very interesting information. Chadwell informed them that Adelbert Ames and Benjamin Butler were prominent citizens of the town. These two men were no doubt recognized by Frank and Cole as two of the foremost carpetbaggers who took advantage of the people of the South after the war. Ames had been elected governor of Mississippi (a “reconstruction” governor) several years before but had been impeached by that state’s legislature earlier in the year…He eventually showed up in Northfield to join his father and brother. Ames bought a major interest in the Northfield mill operations with money said by those sympathetic to the South to have been obtained from his carpetbagging activities. Ben Butler also had carpetbagging interests in Mississippi and relocated to Northfield…The Southerners had nicknamed him Spoons as a reflection of their opinion that he would steal even his grandmother’s silverware. Chadwell told Jesse and the others that both of these men kept their money in the First National Bank of Northfield. The thought of robbing two representatives of the carpetbagging community must have delighted the members of the gang.” Not mentioned was the fact that Butler was also the infamous “Beast” Butler of New Orleans infamy and that Adelbert Ames was his son-in-law. The carpetbag fraternity that had stolen the South blind was well represented in Northfield.

Ultimately the robbery attempt failed and Bill Chadwell, who was to guide the gang safely back out of Minnesota, was killed, which fact left the gang to try to find its way to safety on its own. In the end, only Jesse and Frank James escaped. The Younger brothers and the others were either killed or captured.

Many over the years have wondered why the James Gang picked a bank so far north to attempt to rob. Most of their robberies had taken place in Missouri, Iowa, Kentucky, Arkansas, and even one in West Virginia, so one in Minnesota seems out of character for them until you understand just a bit about the miserable carpetbaggers and their “reconstruction” governments in the South after the War. The James Gang was, in effect, trying to steal from the thieves. The War did a lot of damage to the South and to the country as a whole. The “reconstruction” instituted by the Yankee/Marxist government in Washington never really ended—it just expanded quietly and without fanfare until we now have it nationwide—via the Patriot Act, Obamacare and a host of other federal programs, all for our “benefit” so we are told, yet they never seem to benefit us as much as they seem to benefit those who institute them, and that ain’t by accident, boys, it’s by design. Connect the dots, folks, and learn to “follow the money.” In 1876, Northfield was one of the dots.

A Decision In Ferguson

by Al Benson Jr.

Just about an hour ago the grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri reached their decision in the Michael Brown case and it would seem that, for once, a grand jury decided the right way. The police officer, Darren Wilson, will not be indicted for any of the degrees of murder or manslaughter that were definite possibilities.

Naturally, the crowd wasn’t really ecstatic about this decision as many of them probably wanted the police officer lynched, one way or another, for the shooting. But it seemed like the grand jury had been pretty thorough in their evaluation of what took place and there were even black witnesses that testified that it happened the way the police officer said it did and not the way other witnesses had previously testified it did.

Naturally you had the usual race-baiters from Comrade Obama and “Rev.” Al Sharpton putting in their gentle jabs to encourage civil unrest, but, hey, that’s what they get paid for so could you expect anything else?

Whether there will be anymore rioting and chaos or not remains to be seen, and it may well depend on whether the potential agent-provocateurs there are instructed to start any trouble or not. We will have to stay tuned.

I saw an article on the Internet just this afternoon that mentioned an altercation between Michael Brown’s mother and grandmother having to do with the sale of material that would promote Michael Brown’s cause. Seems the grandmother was selling this stuff and the mother got after her for doing it, telling her she had no business doing it. Guess the “news” media sort of missed that one. Thank Heaven for the alternative media. If not for it the American public would know nothing about anything. The alternative media has been a real thorn in the side of the shadow government that really runs this country–the CFR/Trilateral/Bilderberg triad that controls both major political parties and the Washington establishment. No, I guess I should say that differently–they ARE the Washington establishment.

Part of their agenda is to promote division among the races in this country to the point that they will be at each other’s throats and therefore not be paying any attention to what the establishment is doing to all of them until it’s too late.

No one argues against the fact that there is police brutality in this country, and the Homeland Security’s militarization of local police has contributed to that. Where police officers genuinely treat people with brutality they should be brought to justice for it. But let’s not blame every officer who is out there just doing his job because the person he happens to arrest is of a difference race. I have often wondered how much fuss there would have been in Ferguson if the victim had been white and the police officer black. I’d be willing to bet there would have been no fuss whatever and it would have been ignored just like the intimidation of white voters in Philadelphia by Black Panthers was ignored.

Let’s hope the cooler heads in Ferguson will prevail and the race-baiters there, finding no fertile ground to tear up, will go back and crawl under their collectivist rocks.

No Gringos Need To Watch Obama’s Speech

by Al Benson Jr.

Well, Comrade Obama, the Washington Caudillo, has given his speech on how he plans to usurp the authority of Congress to allow 5 million illegal immigrants to stay in this country. It was full of flowery phrases about how he plans to only allow the brightest  and the   best of the illegal immigrants to stay, the ones that are prone to being future entrepreneurs and that will be major contributors to our society  and how he plans to deport those among the illegals that are part of the criminal class, and on and on. Based on the past veracity of this administration, it all sounds like a pile of West Texas cow chips in August–and probably smells just as bad.

Tlhe high-class people he describes here would hardly be the ones to be showing up at our Southern border begging to get across. You have to wonder if the people he’s describing would even have any need to try to get into this country illegally. The highly skilled people he’s painting a picture of would probably still be able to make a decent living in Mexico or wherever.

Obama stated that his deferred deportations do not apply to those who recently came into the country illegally or those who plan to do such in the future. Yeah, right, just like all those criminals he’s going to deport, uh huh. Homeland Security will now focus on apprehending any would-be illegals at our Southern border and keeping a weather eye out for gang members and any potential terrorists. Right! It all sounds so great you have to know it’s total hogwash.

Interesting is the fact that Obama’s speech was not aimed at ordinary Americans, the White House didn’t even ask the major networks for time.  The web site American Thinker in an article by Thomas Lifson, noted: “President Obama’s speech tonight on his immigration amnesty diktat isn’t aimed at you, if English is your primary language. The White House didn’t even ask tlhe Big Three broadcast networks…for time. We’re in the midst of the November sweeps and in all likelihood they would have turned him down. But that doesn’t matter–he would just as soon that Gringo-Americans not even hear about his decree.”

The article continued: “Obama and the Democrats base their strategy on fragmenting, not uniting Americans, and the speech tonight is aimed at Spanish-speakers, who will see the speech broadcast live on the other big broadcast network, Univision, which is for Spanish-speakers.  And the audience will be huge among Spanish-speakers because the speech is timed to coincide with the Latin Grammys, one of the highest rated programs of the year on Univision.” Timing is everything and Obama was aiming at a big Hispanic audience and a minimal Gringo audience. And that’s because he knew all along what the “Gringo” reaction would be. His wide-open immigration policy has not been popular with most Americans and you can tell that from the reactions he has gotten over his border policies of allowing these people in and shipping batches of their kids around the country. Nobody likes what he’s been doing except that small coterie of internationalists whose agenda is to destroy this country and its culture.

The web site Alipac.com  also observed that “The world’s largest Spanish language media corporation Univision plans to interrupt one of their most popular shows to carry Obama’s Mexican Revolution Day message to hundreds of millions of Spanish-speakers in the USA, Central and South America, and around the globe, while only a narrow band of Americans will see Obama’s speech live on TV.”

Only it didn’t quite work out as well as Obama’s administration planned because one of the major headlines on World Net Daily this morning stated: “Americans ‘mad at government’ melt phones on Capital Hill.” Several senators confirmed that their phones had been ringing off the hook with calls from constituents who are now beginning to realize that the beneficent Obama regime has given them the shaft–again! You’re going to have all these illegals in the country competing for jobs Americans need–and Obama loves it! How long will it take most Americas to realize that this guy just loves sticking it to us. He lives for that. The people that voted this Marxist into office should hang their heads in shame, better yet, maybe they should repent! And so far, what has been Congress’ response? The House has sued Obama over Obamacare. Seems to be they’ve done that before a few times and nothing has ever come of it.

In my previous article on this subject I noted what Michael Savage had said was the proper solution for Congress to use in this situation. He didn’t think they would and I don’t either. They will waffle and wiggle and try to find some way to get off the hook while giving in to Obama without appearing to do so. Don’t look for much of anything from any of them that will do us much good. Their first allegiance is to the internationalists and their agenda. The American people are sheep to be sheared–by both socialist parties. So how much have the “checks and balances” and the “separation of powers” they tell us are in the Constitution to protect us done for us up until now? Don’t everybody answer at once.

Amnesty And Checks And Balances–We are being had by both parties

by Al Benson Jr.

In case anyone hasn’t figured it out by now, let me say it as politely as I can and still keep it printable. The American citizens are being played for suckers by both political parties. The Republicans won the mid-term elections. So what? The Council on Foreign Relations/Trilateral Commission/Bilderberger triad is still in full control of both parties and with their One World Government agenda why should we actually think a Republican victory will make any real difference? Do we have any bold new leadership being chosen by Republicans for either the House or Senate? Hardly. We’ve got John Boehner–again, and he is sided by Mitch McConnell in the Senate. These guys have been in the political arena so long you can’t even classify them as retreads, and for the record, let’s not kid ourselves, neither one will do a blessed thing to help regain liberty for the American people. They will both play political parlor games with Comrade Obama and it will all continue to be cutesy poo as usual.

A glaring exmmple of this is the illegal alien issue. Obama, in outrageous socialist mode, wants the illegals rewarded for being illegal and he wants it right now. No messing around with even the parlor games! He has basically threatened Congress with a “do it my way or it’s the highway” approach and the Republican “leadership” (if you can call it that) is in the process of respectfully requesting of him how far he wants them to jump on the way up! That’s life in Sodom on the Potomac, folks. Get used to it.

There was an article on the World Net Daily website today that carried comments from an interview with Michael Savage that was quite revealing. Regarding illegal alien amnesty, Savage told his audience that if Obama issues an executive order to amnesty the illegals then “If the executive order is based on a statute, Congress can change the statute, thereby nullifying the order.” Savage advised Congress that, instead of all the first day ceremony they should “…go to power, go to the mats and change the statute. Day One.”

He noted that: “…the only instance in which Congress could not nullify an order is if the president is acting according to an executive power granted to him by the Constitution. But Obama’s executive order on immigration is not such a case. It is not constitutionally based. Congress has the power to repeal a presidential order or terminate the underlying authority on which the action is predicated.” Savage cited a Congressional Research Report from December of 2011 which outlined the authority that Congress possesses to stop an executive order. So it can be done under the proper circumstances.

Savage then asked: “Do I have to teach McConnell and Boehner what they can do? No. They know it. They just don’t want to do it.” That’s the whole situation right there. They know what they can and should do to head off Obama’s tyranny–but they’re not going to be bothered–which means one of two things. Either they are, for some reason, afraid to do the right thing or they really have no problem with Obama giving amnesty to the illegals, but they don’t dare admit that in public, so they’ll pretend the real solution doesn’t exist and will instead issue a stream of political pontification on “how hard they tried” but they just couldn’t stop the Obama steamroller on this one issue. (There will be more they won’t be able to stop him on either–or at least more they won’t really try on). It’s all such a pile of bovine fertilizer I’m surprised they don’t suffocate in it, but then after you’ve been inhaling that stuff for decades I guess you get used to it.

If the Constitutional “checks and balances” I’ve been writing about are really supposed to function (and I strongly doubt that) then, as I’ve said before, how can they ever work when there is rank collusion between the different branches of government?

When one branch has the ability to stop another branch from unconstitutional activity and refuses to do it or pretends it can’t do it, how is this system ever supposed to work?

Shouldn’t we demand from our legislators that they do what they can to stop this? Will it make any difference? If there is already an agenda in place to amnesty these millions of illegals and both president and Congress are just playing out the game, about all we can do, so it would seem, is to protest and let them know we know what’s going on and that we know it is a political game–one whose goal is the destruction of our culture. But, we can also pray and ask the Lord to expose what they are doing and to put an end to their playing the American public for suckers. Will American Christians be concerned enough to do even this much? I am not optimistic. I do hope I am wrong, but based on past performances…..